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Why a herbal facial steam is invaluable to your skincare routine

People all around the world go to extreme lengths to capture, bottle and preserve the botanical compounds our bodies thrive on. 

The entire skincare industry is a testament to this, in essence it is natural medicine!

A facial steam connects you to the botanical source. In a way that just can not be replicated by any product. 

The aromatic steam rises from a bowl of herbs and hot water, carrying an array of medicinal molecules with it. This is basically how essential oils are steam distilled, but you are actually experiencing 100% of what is being released.

Pouring up a herbal steam for a customer

💦Heat & steam relaxes skin cells and the pores begin to open. Making your face sweat. Which is fabulous for lush skin! It pushes out toxins and impurities while boosting blood flow, bringing (forth) healthy cells with fresh oxygen all over the face and neck. 

🍃  The herbs volatile oils attach to the rising water molecules and cover your skin. Cleaning and killing any residing bacteria and offering the dense nutrients they are known for. Many herbs hold a rich source of pro-health properties that reduce Inflammation and irritation from nasty microbes. 

A Facial steam allows these plant medicines to travel deep into the dermis, balancing the skins functioning. The combination of the heat and herbs softens the tissues and makes releasing & reviving a whole lot smoother. Using a facial steam before indulging in a clay mask or herbal scrub will enhance your body's ability to show your glow.


 It's perfect for oily, acne prone skin. As it promotes the skin to push out the excess oil and deeply clean those open pores that easily become blocked. Use this treatment once or twice a week.


By opening the pores through steam, the skin can more receptive to nutrients to be absorbed deeper, assisting in retaining moisture that's provided by products rich in organic humectants. Like our botanical scrub, toner and moisturisers.

Using key herbs such as Calendula or Rose geranium can help promote healthy sebum flow. 

For dry skin, this method is best used once a week. As using it too often and with the wrong herbs will dry out the skin further.

After a steamy session the skin is plump, full of fresh blood and relaxed.

It takes 10 mins and is an ideal time to practice mindfulness through centered breathing. Try thinking about the herbs growing in vast fields, fertile with flowers. Thriving in the sunshine and rain. It's always my go to mindful meditation, as gratitude for mother natures bounty is easily intertwined in this visual.

I offer facial steams in my workshops because they are just so relaxing and beneficial.

Choosing herbs that relax the central nervous system will only increase the rewards your body will shower you in. Here are a few to inspire you!

Lavender, Rose geranium, Lemon or Lime balm, Chamomile, Rose, Mint, Rosemary, Red clover, Patchouli, Lemon myrtle, sage or thyme.

(Health food stores have a great range and $10 will see you stocked for many many months!) Or look closely into what tea blends you use!

I love using a blend of 3 or 4. I'd be happy to talk in detail about herbal blends, plant properties and options 🙂

Crafting a batch for the skincare workshops.

You need:

~ A bowl 

~ A spoon

~ 3 table spoons herbs fresh or dried

~ 2 cups of boiled water. 

~ A towel. (Optional)

~ A few (2) drops of essential oils. This is optional. Just make sure to use gentle oils! you can always add more as you go!

Find a comfortable place to set up. Kitchen table, bench, coffee table or on the floor.

Pour herbs into a deep bowl (the bigger the bowl the better the steam will rise)

Add optional essential oils and then pour hot water over herbs.

Drape the towel over your head and lower your face down to the bowl. Inhaling steam. Exhaling directing the breath towards your chin instead of back into the bowl. You can use the spoon to stir the herbal water and create more steam. 

Experiencing the aromatic dream of herbal steam.

If you need fresh air, simply respect that and open the towel. The towel traps the herbal steam and exposes your skin to it for longer. However Steaming without the towel will still offer wonderful benefits. 

Using relative herbs in these steams may ease mild respiratory ailments, sinus/ hay fever, headaches and insomnia.

I really hope you try this out! I would absolutely love to hear your experience 🙂

Leave a comment or direct message me.

Happy herbal self care!

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