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Are your ingredients Vegan?

The majority of my products are. Only two contain what would be considered an animal by-product which is honey and beeswax. These are used to make the 'Seed & Bean Scrub' and 'Lip Balm.' In saying that though our honey and beeswax is sourced locally from here in the Northern Rivers by small farms who undertake ethical bee-keeping practices. And produce small batch products. The morning and afternoon teas, I supply are all based around raw vegan treat recipes also.

How often do you run workshops

Every weekend, with a total of 4 sessions available you can book in via the bokking calender above.

How ethical are the products you supply

Every one of my products is ethical, traceable and over 95% are certified Organic. I go to great pains to make sure all the ingredients I purchase are safe and environmentally friendly. During my classes you will learn how complicated the world of skincare chemistry can get how and why I source the way I do. And ultimately how this dictates the final product. For more info check the 'About Us' page.

Do you cater for events & groups?

Absolutely! we love accomodating any type of celebration in our beautiful botanical warehouse space. We are more than happy to customise a workshop garaunteed to keep everyone smiling and enjoying a very unique experience.

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