Amanda Smith is the creative vision, behind a unique herbal skincare business, located in the stunning Byron Bay region. She is a herb grower, educator, skincare formulator & 'Botany of Desire' is the passionate culmination of her skills and experience. Combining horticulture, skincare chemistry and herbal medicine.


Studying Western Herbal Medicine was Amanda’s introduction to healing plants and their actions. This instilled a life long reverence for herbs and how our skin responds to them. They are at the heart of all her formulations. Amanda has been manufacturing commercial skincare for many years.  Her understanding of how plants become skincare, has furthered Amanda’s passion/ability to empower and educate women on making stunning natural products from home. 


Growing herbs and manufacturing products has cemented her vision of creating a brand that embodies all the wild and wonderful parts of turning seeds into skincare. This exciting venture encompasses the growing of medicinal herbs, collecting of botanical extracts and creating a whole range of beauty products.


Over the past three years, Amanda has taught skincare classes and facilitated corporate events in Byron Bay and Qld. teaching guests how to grow, extract and formulate their own professional quality skincare in beautiful hands-on experiences.


She spent a year establishing a skincare garden at ‘The Farm’ where she cultivated over 70 types of medicinal herbs and used these plants in workshops, retreats and corporate events. Recently Amanda’s family has moved to a beautiful patch of land in the Byron Hinterland where they are currently establishing a private herb farm right on her doorstep.


Amanda’s love for teaching how plants are an integral part of commercial skincare is facilitated through private classes, group bookings, corporate/retreat workshops, speaking engagements and in store demonstrations. 

"To me, skincare is just another form of organic, wholesome and delicious food for the body. Using our gardens to grow herbs and our kitchens to bottle the botany, I believe we can create nutrient dense beauty products that take care of our skin and our earth.”

Amanda Smith