Amanda Smith is the creator and vision behind, a unique herbal skincare business, located in the stunning Byron Bay region. 'Botany of Desire' is the passionate culmination of Amanda's skills and years of experience, combining horticulture, skincare chemistry and herbal medicine.
travelling Australia, with her partner Mat for nearly four years, they found themselves in the Northern rivers region. And instantly felt what many others do, that the Byron region held so much opportunity. Amanda's first job in the area was managing a commercial herb operation, cultivating hundreds of medicinal and edible herb varieties, shipping thousands of herbs to retail stores each year. This inspired her to learn even more about the herbs she had learnt to grow so well. Beginning studies into Western herbal medicine, and achieving qualifications while still working with herbs sparked a desire for further botanical study that continues to this day. 
Through pure curiosity and intrigue, Amanda began looking at ways of utilising the plants from her sprawling herb garden, plants she had saved from being thrown into the compost at the nursery. The relationship between plant kingdom, chemistry and human physiology created the beginnings of her entry into manufacturing organic, handmade skincare. At first selling soap and herbal pain relief cream to Mat and his workmates who traveled Australia in for construction work.
Amanda quickly developed an understanding of herbal synergy. Which plants worked well with another to become more potent formulations. After completing a short skincare chemistry course, she went onto experimenting, researching & developing her own range of potent skincare.
Now with an incredible opportunity provided by 'The Farm' in Byron Bay, the true spirit of Amanda's vision - 'from seed to skincare' can come to fruition. This exciting venture encompasses the growing of beneficial & medicinal herbs, extracting the essential oils and teaching guests how to grow and formulate their own professional quality skincare.
"To me, skincare is just another form of organic, wholesome and delicious food for the body. Using our gardens to grow herbs and our kitchens to bottle the botany, I believe we can create nutrient dense beauty products that take care of our skin and our earth.”
Amanda Smith

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